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Pillar Rocks

Pillar RockThree boulders stand here, lip to lip, vertically measuring 122 meters, providing a majestic sight. It has tiny garden with bloosom flowers. The chamber between the two pillars is called Devil’s Kitchen.

Cockars Walk

In the year 1872 Lt. Coacker cut a path along the after ridge of steep sough eastern side which commend a magnificent view of the plains below, which was named after him as Coacker’s Walk. Smoothly a hike; you will be there before you start. But this mountain road which runs parallel to the Van Allen Hospital Road is worth a visit in the early mornig before the mist covers up. It offers a breathtaking wide-angle panorama of the plains; Even Madurai can be spotted on a clear day. At night, the pulsing shimmering lights of the plains makes you to feel that pearls thrown on deep valley.

Priest's Foot Prints

This path connecting the tow seminaries, Sacred Heart College in Shenbaganur and “La Providence” on Upper Shola Road, is still under developed in recent years. If you are the sort of hiker who likes to go down but not up, start off at “La Providence” and take the up from Shenbaganur when you finish. Follow the route for the Stream hike but instead of going down to the Stream, Continue skirting the hill where St. Mary’s is situated.

Dolphin Nose

Dolphine NoseIt's beautiful hiking place where you can see panoramic views of the plains, steep rocks and what they call “Rolling hills”. Get to a Stream (above), and cross it you will reach a Jeepable track, turn left.Twenty minute walk will bring you to the diversion. There is a stone sign-post which will point you in the right direction: Left and down. Another fifteen minutes and you will see the board jutting stone. Adjoining it is a nice flat plateau. After that you can see a rugged bridle path that goes to village called Vellagavi, the first settlement and Lt. Ward’s headquarters during his survey in 1821. Farmers with 20 or 30 kg baskets of fruit regularly in 1821. It is also known as Gamblers Rock.
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