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The Sacred Heart College was started in 1895 for the training of Theological Seminary, at Shenbaganur, which means the village of the ‘shenbangam’. This is a tree endemic of the South India hill forests. Early students and professors, mostly European set themselves the task of studying the flora and fauna of a Palnis. The museum is open to visitors and has more than 300 species of exotic orchids are housed here. Visiting hours - 10.00 am to 11.30 am and 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm.

Dolmen Circle

Kodai has been put on the anthropological map by the presence of dolmens and dwelling and burial places from the Stone and Iron Ages. These stone structures dated as 5000 Bc. Sadly, some of them have been destroyed, Two of the more intact sites are Dolmen Circle on the ghat road not far from Periakulam and the second one is near to Pannaikadu village, on the highest point before descending to Pattiveerampatti.


Kodaikanal ObservatoryThe Kodai Observatory is one of the oldest in the world, and has been functioning since 1898. It is a well equipped, productive laboratory and has made its mark in research. In 1909 its director Evershed discovered the phenomenon of radial motion in sunspots; this is known as the Evershed Effect. The Observatory is open to visitors on Friday mornings. Visit, observe and spread it. For More Information Visit.

Apple Reserach Station

It's a very pretty location on Fairy Falls Road. Run by the Tamil Nadu Agricultural University in Coimbatore, the station studies new varieties of fruits, vegetables and flowers to propagate those that grow best in Kodai. It has been for farmers.

Sheep Farm

This was started in the late 60's and functions under the Indian Council for Agricultural Research in Delhi. It is a beautiful campus, 1340 acres of rolling grassland where scientists work on sheep development programmes for South India. Several Varieties of sheep and rabbits have been breed for wool and meat. Mannavanur comes under the upper hills of kodai. An hour drive from Kodai and visitors are most welcomes her. Contact the officer-in-charge at the main office building to peap through the nursery. Educational institutions can get permission from the officer-in-charge for small groups to camp overnight. There is a beautiful art work of lake is in the middle of the nursery.

Bryant Park

Bryant ParkFlowers are the Paradise of kodai hills. Bryant Park, named after the Forest officer who designed and laid it out in 1980,is situated on the eastern side of lake. It has a wide selection of flowers and ferns, and residents oftern “shop” here for special varieties plants. Flowers and vegetables show is held in mid of May; participants from neighbouring villages compete for the prizes. Being so centrally located, Bryant Park is a hot tourist spot, especially on weekends and during the season.

Chettiar Park

It is located Near Kurinji Andavar Temple and has two entrance. The park is laid out along a hill side, one entrance is at a higher level than the other. The hedges are topped off with topiary. There is also a louks pond. This is were the famous Kurinji flower blooms every 12 years.

Golf Club

If you are an avid golfer, you will be interested in what the honorary secretary of the KGC writes, “The Kodai Golf Club" was first started in 1895 by a handful of dedicated golfers. To start with there were only 9 holes and the putting surfaces were browns, In the early fifties it was extended to 18 holes and 1986 the putting surfaces were relaid with greens. “The course itself is situated on verdant green slopes and hollows at an elevation of about 7000 ft. A golfer teeing early in the morning is more than likely to come across herds of wild bison or gaur. Otherwise wild boar and barking deer are plentiful. The Club situated on the road to Pillar Rocks, about 6 kms. From the Centre of the town. Situated at a height of 2,250 m and spread over an area 142 acres.

Green Valley View

Green Valley ViewFraction of minutes drive from the lake leads you to the Green valley view, just near the Golf Club of Kodai. It offers a breath taking scenery overlooking a deep valley filled with forest greenery below once [even now] it was called ‘Suicide Point’ (i.e. Last Breath).
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