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Perumalmalai Peak

Perumalmalai PeakKodai hills have a wonderful peak itself it is called Perumal Peak. A splendor high mount rises to 2340 meters from the bottom. It's located in Perumalmalai village, When the village people celebrate the festival of Lord Perumal while they climb the peak and get holy water from the up hill. There is a tiny pond mid of the peak. Schedule your time and climb. There is lot of hidden treasures for your sight , i.e., you can view Dindigul, Palani, Madurai, Vaigai Basin and Dam from high altitude.

Neptune Spool

Walk up Observatory Road, continue on towards Poombari until you come to the Gundar river bridge. After reaching the forest nursery take the path to the left. Walk down to the river, crossing a small stream and continue to the pools. There is a nice rocky picnic spot on the bank.

Moer Point

Moer Point provides a beautiful view of the valley. There you can view varieties of hill flowers which glitters due to the rain drops on the tip of the flower lips. It's just three kilometers from pillar rock and berijam lake.

Cap Hunt Valley View

The deep valley view in kodai is known as "Thopithuki Parrai". In short we can call this place as cap hunt. The specialty of this valley is when you through the cap it will return back to you due to the under pressure of the air in this place. When you visit Berijam have a look at this place.

Gundar Valley

Move, Move and steady through the wattle forest and some shoals down towards the Gundar River and the Gundar Falls. It's starts on the Observatory road. From there, walk on and look for a path leading downwards to the right. Follow the path down the valley. After a while youll be crossing a small stream. Then you will find the parallel path to the stream along the side of the hill down to where the stream joins the Gundar River. It's a Magnificent Valley with silver spread of water flow.

Mathiketan Sholai

This is one of the place for Aromatic Plants, it is under the control of the Forest Department. There is lot of Aromatic Plants, This place is very silent all the time, it is located near the Berijam Lake. It is like a Maze nobody can leave out from this shola, Due to the density of the forest, normally nobody allowed to enter this place, but it is one of place for learning about the plant kingdom.

Eco Rock

This is located near Pannaikadu Village, This place also very silent in all the moment, When you shought louder, your voice is Repeated to yourself through echo's. It is a deep valley, lot of sceneries are there, you can watch the Maruthanathi Dam View from here.
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