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Early Travel Mode

In those days, the hill station crowds were mainly the residents of Madurai. They came in bullock carts cushioned with straw to the bottom of the hills. The popular route was from Periyakulam to Kistnamma Naik Tope by road through bullock carts and from Rom Tope to the hills, one had to climb 2000 meters through foot paths. This route was called the Coolie Ghat. There was a choice of conveyance for them who cannot walk. The "Chair" was a canvas hammock suspended between two poles which was carried by four men. Those who were able to afford, there was an alterate way of transport of hiring "dhoolies", which looked like a child’s cot, was carried by hearers. Some went up by rideing ponies. There were also risks. Some dacoits from Kallan tribes came but they soon vanished after seeing a lot of protection. Also there were interruptions by appearance of wild beasts like panthers, elephants, etc. Loud noises were made to sac them away.

The year 1875 was a landmark in the history of Kodaikanal. The Southern Railway extended its routes from Madras to Madurai and Tuticorin. Then tourists from far away places started coming. They would get to the railway station called Ammaiyanayakkanur, which shortly known as Kodai Road. They reached the Kodai road station and travel by bullock up to Tope and then ascend the climbs.

By 1880, a modern vehicle called "Transit" had arrived on the scene. It was a gaily painted, straw- padded bullock cart, and they changed bullock several times on the 33 – mile trip to Tope. It was the South India version of the Wild West they went in convoys, blew loud blasts on their horns, even galloped in short spurts. Fresh animals were harnessed at major centres – Nilakkottai, Batlagundu and Periyakulam.

It was a seven-hour journey to Tope by transit. But it was a "feverish spot" and travelers were advised to start their trip up to kodai as soon as possible. In the early morning, much before sunrises, coolies hoisted 50-pound head-loads, passengers got their chairs and doolies, and the procession started up what became known as the coolie ghat. The supply of coolies, ponies and food came from periyakulam. It is a 12-mile hike from the Tope to kodai, taking in a rise of 2000 meters.

In 1875 the first stem cars were trickling into India. Major law of the Madras Staff Corps was asked to plan and build a road up to kodai for motor vehicles. Work was started on the road and it was over by 1914. But it was not opened for the public use until 1916. Public buses began to ply in the road from 1916.

Now You can reach kodai by three modes i.e, By Road, By Train, By Air


Kodai is connected by road with all important towns. Regular bus services are available from Kodaikanal to Madurai, Palani, Dindigul, KodaiRoad, Batalagundu, Thirunelveli, Kanyakumari, Tiruchirappalli, Kumuli, Erode, Chennai, Bangalore, Thirupur and Coimbatore.


Kodai Road Railway Station (80 Kms) and Palani Railway Station (64 Kms) from Kodai. Regular Trains are available from kodairoad to all major towns and Cities.


Airport at Madurai (121 Kms) and Coimbatore (265 Kms) are avilable, the shortest way is Madurai to Kodai.


(Approximate Distance.)
Bangalore 490 Kms Bodi 105 Kms
Chennai 500 Kms Coimbatore 175 Kms
Cochin 310 Kms Courtallam 247 Kms
Cumbum 130 Kms Dindigul 101 Kms
Erode 190 Kms Hogenakal 330 Kms
Kanchipuram 440 Kms Kanyakumari 355 Kms
Karaikudi 225 Kms Madurai 120 Kms
Mettur Dam 290 Kms Munnar 170 Kms
Nagoor Dargah 323 Kms Ooty 270 Kms
Palani 60 Kms Periyakulam 75 Kms
Pondicherry 415 Kms Rameshwaram 294 Kms
Sathyamangalam 225 Kms Salem 230 Kms
Srivilliputhur 170 Kms Suruli Falls 137 Kms
Thekkady 163 Kms Theni 95 Kms
Tiruchendur 330 Kms Thirunelveli 285 Kms
Thiruvanamalai 394 Kms Trichy 205 Kms
Thanjavur 233 Kms Tirupathi 558 Kms
Velankanni 356 Kms Yercaud 260 Kms


(Included Govt Transport Only.)




Madurai Batalagundu, Vadipatty 07.00 AM
07.20 AM (Air Bus)
08.00 AM
08.30 AM
09.50 AM
10.50 AM
12.00 PM
01.00 PM
01.30 PM
02.00 PM
02.15 PM
02.50 PM
03.20 PM
04.40 PM
Dindigul Batalagundu,Sempatti 06.20 AM
10.10 AM
12.20 PM
01.40 PM
02.40 PM
03.40 PM
05.40 PM
06.00 PM
06.30 PM
Trichy Batalagundu,Sempatti, Dindigul, Manaparai, VadaMadurai 01.40 PM
03.40 PM
05.40 PM
06.00 PM
Velankanni Batalagundu,Sempatti, Dindigul, Manaparai, VadaMadurai, Trichy, Tanjore, Nagapattinam 06.00 PM
Bangalore Batalagundu,Sempatti, Dindigul, Karur, Salem, Hosur 05.30 PM (Air Bus)
Chennai Batalagundu,Sempatti, Dindigul, Manaparai, VadaMadurai, Trichy, Sengalpattu 06.30 PM (Air Bus)
NagarKovil Batalagundu, Madurai, Virudhunagar,Thirunalveli 05.15 PM
Rameshwaram Batalagundu, Madurai, Manamadurai,Ramanathapuram 07.30 AM
Karaikudi Batalagundu, Sempatti, Dindigul 12.20 PM
02.40 PM
Kumuly Batalagundu, Periyakulam, Theni, Cumbum 02.20 PM
Bodi Ghat Road,Periyakulam, Theni 02.10 PM
Batalagundu Ghat Road 10.40 AM
11.20 AM
07.00 PM
07.40 PM
08.00 PM
09.00 PM
Coimbatore Palani, Tharapuram, Udumalai Pettai 08.40 AM
04.30 PM
Palani Perumalmalai, B.L. Shed 06.05 AM
07.50 AM
8.30 AM
10.30 AM
12.00 PM
01.00 PM
01.40 PM
3.15 PM
3.45 PM
4.30 PM
7.30 PM
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